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Brown Faces, White Spaces

I am thrilled to invite you to pre-order my new book, Brown Faces, White Spaces. It releases on May 21st and has been years in the making. This new book explores nine aspects of American life where systemic racism still flourishes, including education, healthcare, the justice system, entertainment, and the church.

Brown Faces White Spaces

Through story, historical context, and present realities, I share what it means to recognize and confess the truth about inequities in the system (preparation), commit ourselves to changing the system (dedication), and move into true freedom as a society (liberation).

How does knowing our country’s history make a difference in how we live today? How does Jesus’s divine act of reconciliation on the cross lead to human liberation from oppression? How might we create systems for all to flourish?

Brown Faces, White Spaces helps answer these questions and shows us how we can reform historically white spaces and create systems that work for the good of all.

Join the bridge-building movement that is listening, learning, and working together for equity in every aspect of our lives.

Brown Faces, White Spaces explores how Black, Indigenous, and other people of color have intersected historically with systems of oppression in the United States of America, and how the effects of that oppression have an impact on our nation today. It’s important to remember that Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC, as used throughout this book) are not a monolith. We have different experiences within systems, and still, we have a collective story of systemic injustice that connects us to one another. So, as you read these stories, understand there are numerous BIPOC experiences, but there’s still a certain connective tissue within them. We call that connective tissue history.”

Latasha Morrison

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